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Vladimir Poopin Dog Poop Bags

Vladimir Poopin Dog Poop Bags

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Vladimir Poopin': Vanquishing the Oligarch in Your Dog (Without the Sanctions)

Fed up with your pup's deposits mirroring the state of Ukraine? Unleash your inner dissident with Vladimir Poopin Bags! These extra-strength, extra-sarcastic sacks are designed to contain even the most despotic doggy droppings, leaving your neighborhood smelling like freedom, not fear. With every scoop, you'll be symbolically throwing away corruption and oligarch-sized messes. Let your canine's waste become a metaphor for Putin's regime!

1 Order includes:
-150 lightly scented Bags, 10 Rolls
   *Bags are 9x11, .013mm thickness (same as Amazon Brand)
   *Bags are biodegradable if you're into that

Disclaimer: Product is not intended for any sudden urges to annex your neighbor's lawn
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