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Donald Dump Dog Poop Bags

Donald Dump Dog Poop Bags

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Embrace the Efficiency: Collecting dumps with the biggest dump out there!

Tired of hearing political poop-slinging? Let's focus on the real mess: your pup's! Donald Dump bags are here to handle the dirty work with humor, not drama. These sturdy, leak-proof wonders are designed to contain even the yuge-sized deposits, leaving your neighborhood looking better than Truth Social.

So scoop with confidence, knowing you're doing your part for a cleaner environment, one tail-wagging wonder at a time. Because let's face it, Trump is going to jail.

1 Order includes:
-150 lightly scented Bags, 10 Rolls
   *Bags are 9x11, .013mm thickness (same as Amazon Brand)
   *Bags are biodegradable if you're into that

Now in "Prison Orange Jumpsuit" color!

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